Popular arts and performances in the Austrian Heritage Week in Sharjah

The five-day Austrian Heritage Week kicked off yesterday at the Sharjah Heritage Institute, which will showcase the various elements of the Austrian heritage of folk and traditional art, music, authentic culture, history, popular cuisine, photo gallery and fashion reflecting the diversity and richness of the Austrian heritage.
The event was opened by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, Chairman of the Sharjah Heritage Institute and Dr. Andreas Lebmah Holtmann, Ambassador of Austria to the State. The first day saw a video of the Austrian delegation, a famous food show (Strudel dish) and a musical journey through Austria with dancers and Austrian folk dances. With folkloric dances, Austrian wedding ceremonies, popular folk music performances, the Vienna Opera, the Vienna Orchestra and others.

Austrian Heritage Week is part of the World Heritage Weeks program organized by the Institute under the theme: “World Heritage in Sharjah”.
The Austrian Heritage Week, organized by the Institute as part of the World Heritage Weeks Program, provides an opportunity for visitors, heritage lovers, researchers and specialists to learn more closely about the Austrian heritage in its various components and elements that intersect and share with the world heritage and heritage. Arab in a lot of elements and features, in the privacy of his distinction.
Dr. Andreas Lippmann-Holtzmann said: “The World Heritage Weeks program is an important station and a major address in the various themes of the definition of world heritage

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