Professional Diplomas

Professional Diploma Program in Cultural Heritage

 Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management

 Diploma in Restoration of Manuscripts and Heritage Documents

Diploma in Museums Management

 Diploma in Field Collection of Cultural Heritage

 Diploma in the Management of Cultural Institutions

Diploma in Urban Heritage

:Overall Objective

To provide the academic education field with theoretical and applied scientific knowledge and the necessary cognitive skills to graduate researchers who are able to understand the sections of material and intangible cultural heritage and manage its projects.

Professional Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management

Objectives of the Diploma:

 To identify the cultural heritage species, types, components, sections and fields

 To describe practical procedures and techniques used in different sections of cultural heritage

 To identify the network of interrelated relations between different branches of cultural heritage, in material and intangible sections

 To improve capacity and performance in the practice of conservation projects of elements of intangible cultural heritage

 Academic qualification to pass the master’s and doctorate degrees in the field of cultural heritage and its subjects


Diplomas are accredited by Sharjah Institute for Heritage

The duration of each diploma is 35 hours

%Attendance rate is 70




 The tuition fee for the professional diploma is 3500 AED

 A discount for employees of Sharjah Institute for Heritage

 Deduction of 30% to employees of government departments in the United Arab Emirates



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